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Open House London 2018

Listings with best views (continuously updated)

Hi guys, it’s that time again - Open House London 2018 weekend 22-23rd September. With first pre-ordered booklets appearing in post, and with thanks to a friend of mine Shaul ( @shaul_k on insta) it’s time to start the research on where to go and what to book in time to get to the best places over the two fun packed days. I dropped the ball this year, was quite busy and didn’t pre-order the book but Shaul came to the rescue and started sharing screenshots of pages with me and here’s the few interesting listing that have or potentially might have , great views of the city and skyline.

This post will be getting updated as and when I find any more worthy listings to include here. If you got the booklet or know any great spots not to be missed here, comment or DM on insta @LondonViewpoints


SOLD OUT New Scotland Yard

pre book on Open House Weekend website ( when live, possibly 21st August 12am ), Sat+Sun 10.30-4pm 30min architect led tours​​​​​​​

55 Broadway - sat/sun 10-4pm hourly tours, Open House Weekend website ( when live, possibly 21st August 12am )​​​​​​​

SOLD OUT Bloomberg HQ​​​​​

One Canada Square Sat 1-4pm , state name and preferred time in subject​​​​​​​

Blackfriars Circus - sat 10-2pm pre-book email to :​​​

14th floor RSPH studio at The Cheesegrater ​​​​

Tower 42 (sold out already, don’t think that’s right)​​​​​

Australia House, Strand, opens 21st August 12am ​​

BT Tower ( ballot open till 12th September )

St Pancras Chambers and Clock Tower

Pre-book when live at

Kings Cross rooftop gardens/vistas tour

Visit three rooftops on one tour, building R7, Coal Office and Four Pancras Square

Website with info:

Booking site:

Metro central Heights ( formerly Alexander Fleming House )

- guided tour Sat & Sun 11am, booking by email on website.

Southbank Place tour

book by email, guided site tour Sat 9am and 12pm, duration 2hours

WALK IN / QUEUE:​​​​​​​

Landing Fourty Two – 42nd floor events space at The Leadenhall Buliding ( aks The Cheesegrater ) Sat/Sun 10-5, max 60 per session​​​​​​​

Methodist Central Hall Westminster - dome visit Sun 1.30pm​​​​​

Sea Containers House Sat 10-1pm​​​​​​​

City Hall Sat 10-4pm​​​​​​​

IET London : Savoy Place - Sat 11-2.30pm​​​​​​​

1 Watermark Place, cool rooftop terrace/garden space above Canon Street station Sat 10-5​

One Bishops Square – nice terrace with city skyline view​​​​​​​

71 Fenchurch St , Lloyds registry​​​​​​​​​


The Seager Distillery Tower

Sat & Sun 10am-5pm reception and 27th floor viewing Gallery (max visitors 8)

International Maritime Organization

4th floor terrace, cool view even how low it is. Sat + Sun 11-3.15pm tours every 15min

The Waterman 30 storey tower in Greenwich Peninsula

photo included a roof (unknown if part of the tour?) , Sat tours every 1hr 1-5pm

White Collar Factory

Sat 10-5, Sun 1-5 rooftop terrace.

4 Kingdom Street Paddington

Sa+Sun 10-5pm a large roof terrace and London’s highest basketball court

Rehersal Room

photo with roof gardens with a nice skyline view ( no idea if part of the tour? ) Sun 11.15-3.15 4x hourly tours 8 people on each max

Highest hotels with a view in London

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You ask me all the time - what are the best and highest hotels with views in London? It’s hard to put them all into one bucket though. So this post will be dedicated to actually the highest, tallest, with rooms high up with skyline views. It’s worth mentioning that in a few weeks again I’ll do a second part to this post where I’ll list tall-ish hotels that aren’t neccesarily skyscrapers yet have enought of a great view to quality quality it for a hotel room/penthouse with a view to be considered when planning a trip to London, os without further adieu, the highest hotel in London :

Shangri-La Shard - floors 34-52 of The Shard

With rooms, suites and penthouses, infinity pools and all you’d  ever want from a 5* hotel, this is obviously no.1 when you’re after strickt  altitude where your room with be. I’ve not yet visited it, but as you know  there’s the viewing platform at the top of the Shard and I’ve been there many  times. However waking up and seeing a sunrise from your room up there must be  beautiful indeed, as is swimming in that infinity pool they have. As you can  expect, it will not be the cheapest stay, but I’m sure worth it if money is  no object to you. (Photos below taken from View from the Shard)


Novotel Canary Wharf - 124m / 39 floors

New entry this year and straight into no.2 - soon to be opened (  first highest floor 100 suites opening mid-Feb ) . Top floors 37-39 are Bokan  London - bar, restaurant and rooftop terrace, so from 36th down, you get  room,suites and spectacular views as I visited the Bokan jsut recently, I can  tell you that value for money when focusing on being highest possible in  Lonodn without breaking the bank - this is the one. I’d recommend west (City)  facing rooms but if you go for east one, you’ll get to see the sunrise and  you can always go to see the sunset at Bokan.


Hilton on Park Lane - 101m / 28floors

The long raigning king of rooms with views in London, must’ve  been the place to stay in London since it got build in 1967 and only got  moved to no.2 by Shangri-La in 2012, and now to no.3 by the Novotel. Still …  because where it is on Park Lane, because not having anything obstruct the  view of any single icon of London from it’s rooms probably even starting only  half-way up, and because you can always go up to the 28th floor for a drink  at Galvin at Windows bar, or dine at the Michelin start restaurant there…  in my personal opinion this is the no.1 hotel with rooms with views in  London. I shot last New Years Eve fireworks from the 28th floor there and the  view of London Eye was epic, must’ve been the highlight of my career. Make  sure you go for 20+ floor, east facing (towards the City ) and you’re going  to love it.


Hilton Metropole - 91m / 24 floors

Hilton’s second tall tower hotel, this one the corner of  Edgeware Road, I’ve not stayed there, but visited the bar & restaurant on  the top 23 floors called Sky Bar 23 and the view is pretty cool, so just  assuming the rooms below have equally great views. Look for south facing  rooms. ( Photos taken from Sky23 )

Holiday Inn Kensington - 84m / 27 floors

Kensington’s tallest tower, with east facing room being at the  perfect angle to pretty much everything in London, this will be a perfect  choice if you’re budget is a bit smaller yet you’re after an increadible  view. I’ve not yet visited, planning to soon, so will add a photo of the view  when I get it, but if you search the hashtag on instagram, you’ll see why I  believe it’s a great choice for a room with a view.

Jumeirah Carlton Tower - 57m / 18 floors

In the middle of London’s exclusive Belgravia, this tall tower  offers high end rooms and suites, some with south facing balconies even, but  if you go for east facing windows, or maybe some south east corner  apartments, you’ll be getting the best view this luxury brand hotel can  offer. I’ve had the privilage to actually get a private tour of the roof of this  building which is otherwise unaccessible to the public, so check out what  that’s like too.

Other worthy mentions, again mostly for height:

Knightsbridge Tower - 55m / 17 floors

Park Plaza Westminster Bridge - 49m / 16floors, best view for Big ben

The Grange City Hotel - 39.20m / 13 floors

Leman Locke - ?m / 22 floors,

Pullman Hotel St Pancras - ? m / 15 floors ?

The Tower, Guoman Hotels - ?m / 12+floors ?, best view for Tower Bridge

In a future post I will write about the best hotels with a view in London, not necessarily the highest but where they are located, with at least some elevation view from a penthouse terrace or so is what makes them the best ones.

If you know of any hotels you think I’ve missed, please do let me know in the comments and I will try to visit them and include in another post in the future.

Skyline street views in London

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The general consensus is that London is flat, but is it really? This is one of the reasons I’ve started my instagram account which was at first a personal project of finding the best skylijne views from ground level locations,  so I could prove myself wrong as well as share the viewpoint locations. There’s a lot of natural elevation around London, but indeed you have to leave Zone 1…yes, London doesn’t just revolve around the city centre as there’s loads to see on the outskirts, especially if you’re after spectacular skyline views from just street level. I used to drive a lot as part of my line of work, from site to site, office to office, so I got to explore London a lot this way. I never liked going via the same roads so I was researching topography maps to find more scenic drives around London.  When I post street level views on my instagram I tag them #LondonStreetWithAView so you can search for that hashtag on insta and check more photos from this mini series I have compiled to date.

Here are my favorite finds:

Occupation Lane, Shooters Hill

Gets a top score from me for that because I might be a bit biased about it - it’s the closest viewpoint to where I live so, I’ve been here multiple times, for sunrises, sunsets, timelapses, fireworks etc. Not the easiest to get to if you’re traveling by public transport - best to drive here or cycle, but it is possible. The easiest way is to make your way to Woolwich Arsenal DLR or train station, and than take the 244 bus from Stop J to Shrewsbury Lane Foxcroft Road, about 13min and you’re there. No real need for super wide angle lenses at the spot, I rather pack a extra long tele-photo lens and you’ll need a tripod at night as you will want to expose long.

Canonbie Road, Forrest Hill

One of London’s steepeast roads when approaching from the east, fun to drive up and once you get to the top, you get amazed by the view. Houses on both sides do make for a nice composition and to me that spot reminds me more of San Francisco more than London, even if I’ve never been to SF. If I had over £1m, i’d buy myself a house there. Closest tube/station is Honor Oak Park on the Overground/Southern trianline, than you have a 10min walk up the hill and you can tick off this viewpoint as well as on your way back pop into One Tree Hill, which is a free public access park with one beautiful viewpoint inside it.

Gipsy Hill, Crystal Palace

Another beautfiul skyline alignment spot also perfect for them long exposure night shots with car light trails, but also perfect for sunrise and sunset shots when the skyscrapers on the skyline reflects the low angle of the sun. Closest station: Gipsy Hill or Crystal Palace + 10min walk up will. Also note the neighboring raods like Cooper’s Yard, Beardell Street,  Woodland Road, all have similar views yet you can choose a different perspective to the sides of your composition.

Suicide Bridge, Highgate

Bridge on Hornsey Lane over Archway Rd, reffered to as suicide bridge for the simple reason of it’s name, however… the view is the killer there, ok maybe not so funny, but believe me, the view is amazing. You are above a a dual carridgeway with the City Of London perfectly above it, a long exposure light trails dream. Bring a high tripod or you can always put the camera flat on the structure of the protective fence. Closest tube : Archway, than walk up for about 5min up Highgate Hill ( road ) and turn right into Hornsey Lane and follow for about 2 min.

Hillway & Oakeshott Av,  Highgate

A beautiful private road only for the wealthy residents but the footpath is public, so you may not drive it there but can certainly go for a walk. Unlike Canonbie Road in the south where I’d like to live if I had about a million, here I dream to live but I would need a good few of them as it’s way more upmarket compared to my south Londo choice. Here houses come with views one can only dream of. Get to the top of Hillway ( name of road) where it bends and that’s to me the most beautiful view with the houses on both sides and the line of trees on both sides of the footpath. Also have a wander along Oakeshoot Avenue as in between houses towards London, through the gaps you can spot many skyline icons, and with a long enough telephoto lens, you can capture some real gems. Closest tube : Highgate, where you take a 25min walk through Highgate and believe me it’s a beautiful part of London, like Mayfair in the hills. When you feel like it’s enough for one days house dreaming, you can always walk to Parliament Hill which is only 10min walk away and you also get to tick off a landmark London vista.

Other worthy of visiting too:

Convent Hill, West Norwood

Arthur Rd, Wimbledon, 2min walk up Wimbledon Park Station

Maze Hill, Greenwich

Hillfield Park junction with Musswell Hill Broadway

Drop me a line on instagram (comments or DM) how are you finding the blog posts here? Too long? More photos than text? Maybe you’d like to see maps?

Until next week, for more types of places you can visit in London with a view.

My 2017 views wish-list part 1

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Firstly, thanks a lot to everyone who send me their messages regarding last weeks post about free views. Loads of you already started putting my recommendations into practice and visited some of them straigh away, which is exactly what I like to hear, means this blog isn’t just another useless place on the interwebs, but a place that saves you time researching places to go with a view….apart from this weeks post hehe , hopefully it won’t be a complete waste of time for you as some of these place will be opening up to the public hopefully in 2017, so here goes - my dream list of places I hope / possibly might visit this year :

1. Baltimore Tower, 360 bar at the top

Residential tower in the heart of Isle of Dogs, right next to Canary Wharf, where there’s meant to be a 360 bar/restaurant at the top floor which should offer spectacular views, no info on it’s opening, but the exterior seems finished.


2. Novotel Canary Wharf / Bokan bar and restaurant ( Now visited )

New hotel in Canary Wharf with a bar/restaurant on the top three floors including a open rooftop terrace. Rooms will have amazing views as well as the rooftop, so all round a great addition to the skyline viewing experience. Both hotel and Bokan bar & restaurant will be opening mid February.

Update : I visited Novotel just a few days after writing this post, and the place looks incredible. I’ve added a few photos. 


3. BT Tower

Let’s start off with saying that it’s just closed to the public, yet I’ve been meaning to find a way to go up, and this year I will. They organise charity events occasionally where you can book a dining experience up there, so that’s option one. Another way is to sign up for a charity event where you raise the money for some good cause to than run up the stairs as part of the event - if I must, I will, and I’ll take a camera into my backpad - that is if I will be allowed. Lastly there’s a chance they might participate in Open House London as they did before and do a ballot for a limited number of people to visit it. Here’s to hope.


4. Trellic Tower

A brutalist beauty in West London, a tall residential tower that also occasionally participates in Open House Weekend, if not this way, I’ll definitely work on other official ways how I could visit it and share it’s views with you.


5. Battersea Pwer Station north west chimney viewing platform

One of the rebuild chimneys is going to have an elevator that will take you to the top of the chimney at 100m high for a 360 view experience ….can’t wait to go on it. Check out more info of it on this link:


6. Shell Centre, a residential complex behind London Eye

It’s been on my wish-list since I know it, and I’ve tried many contacts and leads to get access there officially but without success so far, how do I believe I will visit the top of the Shell building in 2017 ? I will try harder.


7. Providence Tower - bar at top, maybe?

I really like how the tower looks from ground lever and I bet its view from the top is equally stunning, but the most exciting thing is that … rumours are, the top penthouse hasn’t been sold or occupied and might be getting converted into a bar, can you imagine that? I’ve seen many urbex photographers climb it and shoot from it’s roof when it was being build and the view is just phenomental so I really hope it will end up being a bar with that terrace open to the guests.


8. The Leadenhall Building aka The Cheesegrater

Mostly it’s office space, but there’s an events venue on the 40th floor if i’m remembering well, and I’d love to visit it, simply because it’s the only one out of the City five tallest that I’ve not been to yet, ever. Not to mention that I’d wish to one day get to its famous Falcon nest on it’s roof, like the lucky few on this blog post :


9. Fly high over London

What I mean is. this year I’m going to plan to fly to Heathrow more, expecting to be landing there on the London side approach and not from the Windsor side. Also will plan a trip or two from London’s City Airport, as take of and landing there must be an incredible experience. But I hear you say - “Just go on a heli flight”, and I did, quite a few times now, but helis in London are limited to the altitute they can fly at becasue of the proximity to airports so only from a place you can get the really nice high altitude shot above London … and yes, weather has to play ball too.

10. Night heli flight

Lastly, hopefully soon I’ll go on a night helicopter flight over London. Equipped with a few super fast lenses, I will aim to delivery photos that will be jaw dropping, at least for myself hehe.

So the aim of this post is to tell you what cool places are or might be opening in London in 2017 with a nice view as well as some that I want to visit just because I do. As the year will go, I’ll be revisiting this post and ticking off items I’ve done of this list and updating the post with photos from it.

Best free viewpoints in London (Zone 1)

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Hey, welcome to my blog. You probably know me from Instagram ( ) so you have an idea what my blog will be all about and you got here for a specific reason - you want to know where the best views in London are, free, paid, where to stay in a hotel with a view, go for a meal or drinks with a view, or even where to buy a penthouse with a panoramic vista across the whole of London. There’s a remote chance you also like my photos I share on Instagram, but most likely you’re just here for the info where to go, which places do I recommend if you’re a tourist, where to go next weekend if you’ve just moved to London and want to visit a new place every weekend…yes, all that, you will be able to find and read about here on my blog. So without further adieu …

First off - free viewpoints in Zone 1.

Why just Zone 1 ? Two reasons - if you’re a tourist visiting London, a vast majority of you will never leave Zone 1 as there’s just so much to see, visit and apparently its just a well know London turistm fact that majority just never goes out of Zone 1. Secondly if you start including further zones, this post would be a rather lenghy read. I could recommend you dozens of places, which I will in the future, just not in this first post. This one is going to be pretty simple - free and in Zone 1.

Tate Switch House

Newest free public viewing gallery in London, only opened mid-2016 and not as well known amongst tourists, hence gets a no.1 spot on my recommendtions list. Part of Tate Modern art gallery, situated on the Southbank right in front of the Millennium Bridge. First and foremost it’s an art gallery that’s also worth a visit, but if you want to head straigh for the view, go to the elevators that take you to the top 14th floor, no hussle, no waiting about, you go straight there. 

Notes: No tripod allowed, that includes gorillapods any any other types of mounts, so long exposures of the railing might be a bit tricky. Opens at 10am, so no chance for sunrise, but a great spoot for sunsets, especially between March and October because where the sunset location on the horizon. Good thing is they are open till 10pm Fri & Sat.


The Sky Garden at 20 Fenchurch Street aka Walkie Talkie

London’s highest free public viewing gallery as well as garden. Absolutely not to be missed when visiting London, a total must-visit, but remember you have to book your free visit in advance though here :

If free spots aren’t available for you chosen day, usually due to not booking in advance enough ( can be fully booked for up to 2-3 weeks in busy periods), you can always book yourself for a breakfast there, they open at 7am and normally aren’t that busy so you can actually just walk in, and order a coffee or a cake for £2-3 or so, which than gives you access to enjoy time there.

Notes: No tripods allowed, no gorillapods or mounts, lately also telescopic lenses are a no-no, but I was told it all depends on their size so it’s not all clear. Using Lenskirts seem to be ok, but it’s worth mentioning the glass is very thick there so at long tele distances image blurs and objects double-up, wide angles lenses without that biggest lenskirt will see reflections back anyway because of the thick double glazing. Also worth mentioning the terrace is not always open, bad weather and it can be closed, otherwise I think opens at 10am at closes earlier than the garden in the evening.

Rooftop terrace at One New Change

No too high, but very central, only an short elevator ride up a shopping centre right next to St Pauls and you’re there. Nice views, great spot for sunsets.

Notes: Tripods are a NO. You might be ok with small gorillapods if your quick.

The Roof Gardens 

Right next to High Street Kensington station, on the western side of Zone 1, you can find London’s most famous garden for it’s pink flamingos on site as well as just a very nice rooftop garden, while also there is a bar and a fancy club. The garden however is free public access but checking if there’s no event going on is encouraged. See more at link below:

Public access terrace at Oxo Tower

7th floor terrace just above the Thames on the Southbank, so while you’re walking from London Eye along the river east towards Tate Modern, why not pop up to this free public part of the terrace at Oxo Tower. Entrance is behind the building, you go into the elevator and go to the top floor restaurant, head towards the restaurant reception and ask to be pointed to the free terrace where you can enjoy views as seen below. However I cannot find on their website any mention of it being free public access, it is but opening hours are limited to the hours of the restaurant and bar, so check more details on their website :

Notes:  It’s only a small part of the terrace that’s public, the rest is private, so you might be ok with a gorillopd but wouldn’t recommend a tripod. Apart from major events like Lord Mayor’s fireworks happening just outside of there in November, i’ve never seen it get too busy up there anyway.

Other worthy mentions:

Roof garden at John Lewis store on Oxford Street, most of the year has a rooftop bar/space where you can just visit as a store guest and have a look around

Top floor restaurant at Peter Jones/John Lewis  store in Sloane Square has also nice views of London. On 6th floor of a multi storey shopping store it’s a place for a coffee and cake but if you’ve visiting the are why not have a quick look at the view

Piccadilly Circus, top floor of Lilly Whites sports store has a window overlooking this one of London’s most famous touristic junction Get the lift to the top floor of the store ( i think it’s for the Golf equipement department) and head towards the corner of the building where the staircase is and that’s the window

Also Waterloo Bridge , London Bridge and Hungerford Bridge are my favourites amongst London bridges for skyline photography. All three seem to be ok with people using tripods, no security ever intervened there.

That’s it for my first post, hopefully you enjoyed reading it and found a place ofr two you didn’t know about.If you know of other cool free public views that I haven’t mentioned in Zone1, please let me know in the comments. Bare in mind a post about restaurants and bars where all you need to enjoy the view is to buy a cup of coffee or a drink is coming soon… while next week’s post will be completely different, my dream list of places I’d love to visit in London and check out the view…

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What a night! Thanks to everyone who came to the #2MillionParty! Have an incredible Christmas! 🎄❤🙌🏼 || #thisislondon || 📸 @londonviewpoints 🎉

Open House Weekend London 2016

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Every year cityscape and architecture photography enthusiasts ( as well as the general public apparently LOL ) swarm London for most important weekend  of the year - Open House Weekend. It’s like fashion week for architecture. If you’re into exploring buildings, interiors, roof terraces or any other spaces you otherwise can’t visit throughout the rest of the year, than it’s like Xmas. I’ve been visiting many years in the past even before I was on Insta, but it’s only been the last year that I’ve had the best weekend of tham all as soooo many of my friends from whom I met through instagram were either going along with me or I was bumping into everywhere we went. This year, most likely will be even better. Many of you already asked in comments where I am going this year ? Can I join you ? Have you pre-booked any places or doing  walk-in and queue locations ? So I thought that I will do a blog post and cover my schedule including parts to which I am happy on anyone joining me, queuing with me, we can have a chat and shoot together. I’ve actually gone throught the list of open house locations I would’ve loved to visit but know that I won’t squeeze them in all into two days so you can also read below the locations I won’t get to visit but I recommend others visiting. So here goes :

Saturday the 17th

6am ( or so ) : Starting off the weekend, I will be queuing early for Searcys at the Gherkin before it opens at 8am. Last year I was there at 7am and there was at least 50-70 people in front of me, so I got in around 8.45am, but this year I want to be in and out early to possibly make the first group for City Hall at 10am,while this gives a chance to meet and chat with friends new and old over coffe in the morning whilst in the queue. WARNING: If you arrive join the queue late, it goes for miles, some experienced waiting times of 3-4 hours I’ve heard last year.

Location details : Sat 8am-12noon/Sun 8am-2pm

9-9.30am: should get to the queue for City Hall, to be in the first group ( hopefully) for the 10am opening. I aim to have 15-20min at the terrace at the top for a few shots. Happy for anyone to join me, or better reserve me a spot in the queue if it will be long by the time I arrive already ;-P

Locations details: 10-6pm, Sat, kids activities 11-3

11am : My only Pre-Booked listing - Level 39 at One Canada Square, so if you’re part of the group already and you’ll see me, than come and say hi. Otherwise check down below for any other of my recommendation to fill out your day for this part. This is 1 hour tour, and straight after that I’m back in the tube heading towards Westminster Station on the Jubilee Line.

12.45pm: I expect to arrive at Westminster station, from where I’ll be heading to the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors with it’s open terrace events venue. It’s open from 10-5 ( only on Saturday ! ) and I recon the view, however a bit obstructed by the tree tops at Parliament Square, might be very cool towards Elizabeth Tower and along Westminster Bridge. Ideally I’d like to visit it in the winter when there would be no leafs on trees but let’s see what’s it like in summer anyway. In my ideal scenario, I’ll be out of there by 2.45pm, heading from Westminster tube station via Circle/District line to Blackfriars stations ( 3 stops ).

Location info: 12 Great George St, Parliament Square, SW1 3AD, no link as I can only see it on the app now, but can’t find it via keyword search on the website listings page, hopefully they haven’t pulled out.

3pm: Hope to arrive at Blackfriars tube station, cross the road and visit 100 Victoria Embankment - Unilever House ( Sat only 10-5pm), really really hope there will be no queues by then ( LOL ) and we’ll get to visit the building briefly and spend 15min at it’s roof garden, which should have nice views of the area. Correction - no official access to the roof garden there, why ? Don’t ask me, i think it’s the buildings best feature and will ask if I can visit it even briefly, but if it’s a no than I’m shortly after moving onto the final location for the day.

3.45pm: after a 15min brisk walk along the river, we’d like to make it for the 4pm last tour of the day at Watermark Place, an architecturally spectacular riverfront office building with views from it’s rooftop gardens.

Location detials: 1 Angel Lane, EC4R 3AB

6pm:  I’m up to grab something to eat somewhere with a decent view as it’s WWIM14 ( world wide insta meet ) and the theme is FOOD, so it would only be right to eat with a view, wouldn’t it?

So that’s it, Saturday, pretty intense, if you’re up for joining me in the morning or in the afternoon, you’re more than welcome, but as you can see it’s a military operation I planned for the day, there will be no waiting about for anyone, and if some queues become longer than anticipated, some locations might get skipped. I will be using my Twitter @LondonViewPTS for location updates using hashtags like #Gherkin #CityHall #CentralHallWestminster #RICS #100VictoriaEmbankement / #UnileverHouse #WatermarkPlace #OpenHouseLondon for photos and queue time updates. I encourage you to do the same for where you are to give others and idea if to join the queue or not.


9am: Starting off early, I’m planning to be an hour before opening at HM Treasury ( ) click the link to check out the view I hope we will get access to.  #HMTreasury

12pm: Bevis Marks ,Sun only 10-5, not been before but I know there’s a nice roof garden/terrace there ( 4pm last entry )

2pm: 10 Brock Street 14 storeys office building, says not much on the listing itself, but hopefully some high floors access or rooftop terrace views as they have one ( Sat/Sun 10-5pm )

4pm: The weekend finale -  Methodist Central Hall Westminster for the 4.30pm tour. This is an absolute cracker, totally worth a visit, I’ve been here once before and the view is just spectacular, however I recon it might be quite popular so bare in mind the queues. #CentralHallWestminster

And that’s it for my plan, that may however change but this is at least how it stands at this moment. Below you can see other places I recommend but will not be going as you just can’t go everywhere in one weekend, unless they invent time travel and teleportation ;P 

Found something I didn’t yet you think I should definitely go there for good views - email me, comments, let me know!! Thanks

Guy’s Cancer Centre

Sat/Sun 10am-5pm. Regular tours. Duration 45 mins. Pre-book ONLY via

30 Crown Place - Sat/Sun 10am-5pm. Hourly tours. Last tour 4pm. Max 10 per tour.

Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners at The Leadenhall Building

Sat 10am-4pm. Regular tours. Pre-book ONLY via

Tower 42 - fully booked

Royal College of Physicians

Trellick Tower - fully booked

Ruskin Sq, Croydon 11am Sunday -

12 Hammersmith Grove W6 7AP

Sat 8am-12noon/Sun 8am-2pm.

Mint Street tour Sat - 10.45am

The Roof Gardens & Babylon Restaurant formerly Derry & Toms

Sun 8am-10am. Head Gardener on site. Last entry 9.45am. Max 500 at one time.

Dawson’s Heights - social housing with uninterrupted views of the London skyline.

Sea Containers House

Royal Festival Hall, Southbank Centre

St Botolph Building

Senate House - tall concrete uni building, near British Museum

Embassy of the Slovak Republic - brutalist

Sat/Sun 10am-5pm. Special exhibition ‘Dial _gy.Sk Small and Larger Topics of Slovak Design’ offers a glimpse at the Slovak designer scene. 22 designers and 2 studios are showcasing a broad range of products and objects, such as glassworks by Rona (1892), 'flying car’ by AeroMobil, ceramics, textiles, furniture, shoes and jewellery. Last entry 4.30pm

Silchester Estate

Pullman Court Streatham -  white modernist estate

Salter’s Hall

Alexandra Road Estate

Sat 10am-5pm. Half-hourly tours, duration 1.5hours. Max 8 per tour.

Robin Hood Gardens Estate

Sat/Sun 10am-5pm. Exhibition comprising archival materials, photographs, and recorded interviews with residents. Hourly tours 11am-4.30pm, including a residential unit and private areas of the estate. Places available on first come basis, but may also be pre-booked via Last entry 4.30pm. Max 8 per tour

Barbican centre

Sat 9am-11pm/Sun 12noon-11pm. Sun tours at 12.30pm, 1.30pm, 2.30pm, 3.30pm by Barbican tour guides, pre-book ONLY for tours on 0207 638 8891

Cranbrook Estate - modernist

Bevin Court - modernist estate, Angel

Worlds End walk

Sun 2.30pm & 4.30pm. Duration 2 hours.

Tree House, Bethnal Green

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Hi there,

I’m Michael and this is going to my occasional blog. Expect to see sets of photos, videos, timelapses and any other news that I would like to express in a longer form than Instagram or when I want to post more than one image or video at a time. It’s a work in progress, so bear with on this, it’ll start to get filled up.

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