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My 2017 views wish-list part 1

January 12th, 2017 Loading Comments...

Firstly, thanks a lot to everyone who send me their messages regarding last weeks post about free views. Loads of you already started putting my recommendations into practice and visited some of them straigh away, which is exactly what I like to hear, means this blog isn’t just another useless place on the interwebs, but a place that saves you time researching places to go with a view….apart from this weeks post hehe , hopefully it won’t be a complete waste of time for you as some of these place will be opening up to the public hopefully in 2017, so here goes - my dream list of places I hope / possibly might visit this year :

1. Baltimore Tower, 360 bar at the top

Residential tower in the heart of Isle of Dogs, right next to Canary Wharf, where there’s meant to be a 360 bar/restaurant at the top floor which should offer spectacular views, no info on it’s opening, but the exterior seems finished.


2. Novotel Canary Wharf / Bokan bar and restaurant ( Now visited )

New hotel in Canary Wharf with a bar/restaurant on the top three floors including a open rooftop terrace. Rooms will have amazing views as well as the rooftop, so all round a great addition to the skyline viewing experience. Both hotel and Bokan bar & restaurant will be opening mid February.

Update : I visited Novotel just a few days after writing this post, and the place looks incredible. I’ve added a few photos. 


3. BT Tower

Let’s start off with saying that it’s just closed to the public, yet I’ve been meaning to find a way to go up, and this year I will. They organise charity events occasionally where you can book a dining experience up there, so that’s option one. Another way is to sign up for a charity event where you raise the money for some good cause to than run up the stairs as part of the event - if I must, I will, and I’ll take a camera into my backpad - that is if I will be allowed. Lastly there’s a chance they might participate in Open House London as they did before and do a ballot for a limited number of people to visit it. Here’s to hope.


4. Trellic Tower

A brutalist beauty in West London, a tall residential tower that also occasionally participates in Open House Weekend, if not this way, I’ll definitely work on other official ways how I could visit it and share it’s views with you.


5. Battersea Pwer Station north west chimney viewing platform

One of the rebuild chimneys is going to have an elevator that will take you to the top of the chimney at 100m high for a 360 view experience ….can’t wait to go on it. Check out more info of it on this link:


6. Shell Centre, a residential complex behind London Eye

It’s been on my wish-list since I know it, and I’ve tried many contacts and leads to get access there officially but without success so far, how do I believe I will visit the top of the Shell building in 2017 ? I will try harder.


7. Providence Tower - bar at top, maybe?

I really like how the tower looks from ground lever and I bet its view from the top is equally stunning, but the most exciting thing is that … rumours are, the top penthouse hasn’t been sold or occupied and might be getting converted into a bar, can you imagine that? I’ve seen many urbex photographers climb it and shoot from it’s roof when it was being build and the view is just phenomental so I really hope it will end up being a bar with that terrace open to the guests.


8. The Leadenhall Building aka The Cheesegrater

Mostly it’s office space, but there’s an events venue on the 40th floor if i’m remembering well, and I’d love to visit it, simply because it’s the only one out of the City five tallest that I’ve not been to yet, ever. Not to mention that I’d wish to one day get to its famous Falcon nest on it’s roof, like the lucky few on this blog post :


9. Fly high over London

What I mean is. this year I’m going to plan to fly to Heathrow more, expecting to be landing there on the London side approach and not from the Windsor side. Also will plan a trip or two from London’s City Airport, as take of and landing there must be an incredible experience. But I hear you say - “Just go on a heli flight”, and I did, quite a few times now, but helis in London are limited to the altitute they can fly at becasue of the proximity to airports so only from a place you can get the really nice high altitude shot above London … and yes, weather has to play ball too.

10. Night heli flight

Lastly, hopefully soon I’ll go on a night helicopter flight over London. Equipped with a few super fast lenses, I will aim to delivery photos that will be jaw dropping, at least for myself hehe.

So the aim of this post is to tell you what cool places are or might be opening in London in 2017 with a nice view as well as some that I want to visit just because I do. As the year will go, I’ll be revisiting this post and ticking off items I’ve done of this list and updating the post with photos from it.

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