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Highest hotels with a view in London

January 30th, 2017 Loading Comments...

You ask me all the time - what are the best and highest hotels with views in London? It’s hard to put them all into one bucket though. So this post will be dedicated to actually the highest, tallest, with rooms high up with skyline views. It’s worth mentioning that in a few weeks again I’ll do a second part to this post where I’ll list tall-ish hotels that aren’t neccesarily skyscrapers yet have enought of a great view to quality quality it for a hotel room/penthouse with a view to be considered when planning a trip to London, os without further adieu, the highest hotel in London :

Shangri-La Shard - floors 34-52 of The Shard

With rooms, suites and penthouses, infinity pools and all you’d  ever want from a 5* hotel, this is obviously no.1 when you’re after strickt  altitude where your room with be. I’ve not yet visited it, but as you know  there’s the viewing platform at the top of the Shard and I’ve been there many  times. However waking up and seeing a sunrise from your room up there must be  beautiful indeed, as is swimming in that infinity pool they have. As you can  expect, it will not be the cheapest stay, but I’m sure worth it if money is  no object to you. (Photos below taken from View from the Shard)


Novotel Canary Wharf - 124m / 39 floors

New entry this year and straight into no.2 - soon to be opened (  first highest floor 100 suites opening mid-Feb ) . Top floors 37-39 are Bokan  London - bar, restaurant and rooftop terrace, so from 36th down, you get  room,suites and spectacular views as I visited the Bokan jsut recently, I can  tell you that value for money when focusing on being highest possible in  Lonodn without breaking the bank - this is the one. I’d recommend west (City)  facing rooms but if you go for east one, you’ll get to see the sunrise and  you can always go to see the sunset at Bokan.


Hilton on Park Lane - 101m / 28floors

The long raigning king of rooms with views in London, must’ve  been the place to stay in London since it got build in 1967 and only got  moved to no.2 by Shangri-La in 2012, and now to no.3 by the Novotel. Still …  because where it is on Park Lane, because not having anything obstruct the  view of any single icon of London from it’s rooms probably even starting only  half-way up, and because you can always go up to the 28th floor for a drink  at Galvin at Windows bar, or dine at the Michelin start restaurant there…  in my personal opinion this is the no.1 hotel with rooms with views in  London. I shot last New Years Eve fireworks from the 28th floor there and the  view of London Eye was epic, must’ve been the highlight of my career. Make  sure you go for 20+ floor, east facing (towards the City ) and you’re going  to love it.


Hilton Metropole - 91m / 24 floors

Hilton’s second tall tower hotel, this one the corner of  Edgeware Road, I’ve not stayed there, but visited the bar & restaurant on  the top 23 floors called Sky Bar 23 and the view is pretty cool, so just  assuming the rooms below have equally great views. Look for south facing  rooms. ( Photos taken from Sky23 )

Holiday Inn Kensington - 84m / 27 floors

Kensington’s tallest tower, with east facing room being at the  perfect angle to pretty much everything in London, this will be a perfect  choice if you’re budget is a bit smaller yet you’re after an increadible  view. I’ve not yet visited, planning to soon, so will add a photo of the view  when I get it, but if you search the hashtag on instagram, you’ll see why I  believe it’s a great choice for a room with a view.

Jumeirah Carlton Tower - 57m / 18 floors

In the middle of London’s exclusive Belgravia, this tall tower  offers high end rooms and suites, some with south facing balconies even, but  if you go for east facing windows, or maybe some south east corner  apartments, you’ll be getting the best view this luxury brand hotel can  offer. I’ve had the privilage to actually get a private tour of the roof of this  building which is otherwise unaccessible to the public, so check out what  that’s like too.

Other worthy mentions, again mostly for height:

Knightsbridge Tower - 55m / 17 floors

Park Plaza Westminster Bridge - 49m / 16floors, best view for Big ben

The Grange City Hotel - 39.20m / 13 floors

Leman Locke - ?m / 22 floors,

Pullman Hotel St Pancras - ? m / 15 floors ?

The Tower, Guoman Hotels - ?m / 12+floors ?, best view for Tower Bridge

In a future post I will write about the best hotels with a view in London, not necessarily the highest but where they are located, with at least some elevation view from a penthouse terrace or so is what makes them the best ones.

If you know of any hotels you think I’ve missed, please do let me know in the comments and I will try to visit them and include in another post in the future.

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